Saturday, October 8, 2011

721. A huge number of teachers of English

Now is Saturday evening and I thought to write something. I thank you, people who have a look at this blog.

Someone wrote somewhere that she likes the stories of this blog. M. V., thank you: they’re taken from my students’ lives, and from their conversations with me.

I found out that writing stories, either real ones or modified, might be a nice way to tell you, teachers of English –or anyone else – what I’ve seen, or seen and modified.

As also you can see, I selected as links, for teachers of English the sites of British Council – BBC, and TeacherLingo. If you wish to improve your daily labor, and you do wish, I’d say to you to view those two sites. They’re great.

You’ll find tips, resources, videos, deep research about teaching and learning English, and things about our students’ process of learning English, by teachers all over the world.

You, BC - BBC and TeacherLingo teams, and all of you, teachers, are doing-something great. I’ve also learned from you all.

We’re building up 21st century society. Sorry if this sounds pretentious, but I would not say less. Sláinte! [‘Cheers!’ in Irish Gaelic].” Photo from: tobifairley com. rain day web
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