Saturday, April 12, 2014

1714. Thanks to the volunteers

I have lived the following motivating story. 

In this blog I have written about acquisition, right? 

Acquisition is different from learning. This latter one is aware, self-directed, conscious, programmed, following a teacher’s dispositions and way of teaching. 

Acquisition is something livelier, naturalistic, stuck to the relief of a natural and unaware process of acquiring the language and its features. 

Now I can remember a kid, how old was he then? Let’s think of 9 years. It was in a vacation summer course. I used to ask him questions in English, and he responded in English so soon, so naturally, as something almost so ordinary as his own mother language. He was thinking in English. 

Another topic: can we adults acquire the language and not just learn it with a course book, etc.? The answer is a qualified yes. 

I can see the adults I now have classes with, that they speak with one another in English, as the most natural thing in the world; even before the class starts!, plus they greet me in English while they’re arriving at the library where we have the classes, and talk to me in English, and, as I said, we haven’t started the class. 

I’ve had these students for a couple of years so far, and I can affirm they’ve been acquiring English, also because of the massive listening they receive – I try the classes be in English, as much as possible. 

Notwithstanding they still have a long way before them anyway. 

Now in my center we have volunteers from the States, namely three, who have conversations with my students right after the Monday’s class. And my students are not translating from L1 into English, but the communication is in real and plain English. Jimmy is from Missouri, and both Aloyssa and Duyen I think from Massachusetts. I’m enjoying the thing, I can assure you. / Photo from: volunteers in Missouri. somo org 
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