Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1729. A marvelous team of teachers

In order to be a good director of the department of languages in your school you must learn to listen to your team of teachers. Put in their shoes. Be positive and open to their initiatives, which you have to moderate perhaps. 

Above all listen to the newbies and novice teachers: they turn to you in search of help, solutions and encouragement. 

As well listen to the veterans: you may learn from them, and you can stir somebody up who has fallen in dead routines. 

Since we spend many hours at school, this one becomes like a second house, and you should be like a father or a mother, or a brother or a sister. 

You will need fortitude to correct their errors and faults, and at the same time you need to be that father or mother I told you about. / Photo from: www good in
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