Friday, April 11, 2014

1711. A clear overview

For those students who failed school subjects in June, there were remedial exams in September, before a new academic year started, and after the summer vacations. 

Let’s focus on English. 

Now the students can look at their remedial worksheet in the school web site, for the summer. 

When I was teaching in a school in Jaén, south of Spain, I used to give worksheets about what they have to study in summer – at the end of the course book there were notes about grammar. Also I had to give specific instructions for studying the vocabulary. As well I gave them clues to pass the September exam, like practicing the vocabulary by means of using it in sentences they made up, plus other clues to pass the examination. 

I had to give specific instructions, because the student’s parents could register the kid in a summer academy or center. Or they could have private classes, and it’d be sound for the summer teacher to have specific stuff to teach. / Photo from: www polidate org
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