Saturday, April 12, 2014

1713. Running elections at school

Speaking for longer is evidently a more advanced activity than responding with single sentences. 

An activity you could implement is Presenting promises of a candidate/nominee to be voted as the president of your country. 

It’s an activity for advanced groups. The students that can carry out this exercise probably have seen elections in their countries or in other countries. 

Make two candidates prepare their speeches in the class or as homework. 

One can be a republican and another a democrat, or a member of the Labor party and another student who is a conservative nominee. 

They have to win their classmates’ votes. These latter students can ask questions to the nominees after their speech, or pose an objection. 

It seems an interesting activity. We have played this game in their mother language and turned out well. I hope it’ll work in the foreign or second language. / Photo from: presentation skills. workplus wordpress com
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