Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1717. A love story

A love story. I’m writing about one. 

Parents, spouses love each other, ok? And a fruit of this love is children. 

However parents’ love is not confined to bring children to life. 

The spouses’ role – a natural one – also comprises to grow their children up, to educate them, to make them, or help them to become one-piece people, one-piece persons. The only way to carry this out is through love. 

The spouses love their children and these latter ones let them be educated, because they know and feel themselves loved. One lets another person to educate him when he knows he is loved, according to Spanish author Carlos Cardona. 

Nonetheless to educate today is not like to educate forty years ago. Now it’s more complex, and the parents have got to learn how to educate. In libraries and bookstores and the Internet we can find material enough to learn how to educate on this twisted today’s road of education. 

Something else: it’s of an essential necessity that parents should love each other. And for this goal they must have enough time for communication, for talking to each other; communication is essential in marriage; otherwise it runs toward splitting up. / Photo from: A-childs-best-friend1 spotonlists com 
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