Friday, April 18, 2014

1722. The aural part of an exam of English

I’ve seen again that I have had many pageviews from Ukraine. I keep praying for you all. 

Today I wanted to say something about the aural skills in an exam. 

For example, when you don’t know a word, you could explain its meaning, and hopefully the examiner will tell you the missing word. 

Before an aural exam or the aural part of an exam, something sound is to read in English for a while before the actual exam. 

Obviously you should speak as much as possible in the speaking part of the examination. You politely can say many things, so as to take the main weight of that part. We examiners like to relax after listening to many students. 

If the speaking part is with another candidate, you should interact with him or her, so cooperate with their speaking. In that case you could add things to what the other candidate is saying, and this would give you more points, and at the same time you’re helping him or her too. 

Finally ask your guardian angel for help and assistance, and also turn to the other people’s angels: the examiner and your partner. Oh, and smile in a relaxed mood. / Photo from: lighthouse in the storm
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