3378. On Becoming Flexible Teachers!

We are teachers. Busy ones. But we have to keep on educating and forming us ourselves. It is a life-long learning.
We have to read on teaching, education and family. Books and websites in accordance to human dignity.
Okay, but does that reading really educate and form us? Does it remain from what we learn and read? I would say yes. Among other reasons because at the moment of reading we are using our mind, and that does leaf some mark.
We as teachers should keep on reading.
And we foreign language teachers also have to keep on learning and acquiring the language: it is a life-long learning.
So if we think and ponder and study and memorize, reading does teach us. Because you live through an experience, a lively one, and that leaves a nice mark. Have a nice day and weekend, and pray for me because it is my birthday! / Photo from: Airliner-5 NewsRead in Airbus 380


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