Monday, May 14, 2018

3382. How to Track Our Students Nicely!

We are sometimes worried and concerned about classroom management, right? Even more deeply, we may be worried and concerned about our dear students’ behavior and conduct, right?
I can tell you that in the previous school where I taught, in another city of southern Spain, we used to nicely track our students, our dear students, and as well we had individual tutorial interviews with each and every kid.
And even more: we used to have periodical interviews with their parents and so we could pull the cart in the same direction as those parents pulled the cart of their kids’ education.
We were so seriously concerned about those young people’s education and growing.
It was pretty sound when we met together, the teachers I mean, and used to talk about each individual student: we told what we knew from them form an exterior viewpoint, nothing from what the kids told us at those tutorial interviews.
You know what? I miss those teachers meetings: they were great!
We had those meetings to track our students' evaluation and assessment. / Photo from: evolution of the computer WordPress com
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