3384. A Time for Creativity

What to do at the end of the school year, when we may be exhausted, weary and even a bit sick?
It is the time when we may be at the countdown.
It is a relief my students are great, simply great. Also my head people are also great.
It is the time of fortitude too.
You have got to resist until the bell time, at this palestra of life. Obviously I’m not telling you family stuff but also there you have got to have fortitude, for the work can become greater too.
And for the summer? More work plus a kids summer camp of English.
You know, I don’t want to complain, just you may have to exert your best fortitude, which is a case of regular and normal administration.
And I believe you may get more strength for fall, for when back to school in fall. Why getting more strength? Because you relax and rest when you change your work and the regular scenario where you exert your daily work. I’m happy anyway. Also I count on the Other, on the transcendent, on God himself. He is so good.
Have a nice weekend, my colleagues! / Photo from: Emisoras Badajoz Teatro romano de Mérida. Oh those theater ruins have also resisted for long…! Kind of more than two thousand years! That is a building not far from my birthplace, in southern Europe. It’s awesome!


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