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“Respecting other people makes us more respectable.” I wrote that note some days ago.
I know that if we respect and treat our students nice we will likely be more respected.
If we treat our students with seriousness and respect we will likely be more valued and respected. Because we give to others what we already have. What we do not have we cannot give to others.
Politeness and respect are paramount at treating students.
Also inside a family. I’ve seen that when there’s love and politeness and respect between wife and husband that marriage and that family will likely be happy.
We must learn how to learn about ourselves. If we’re tired, weary and nervous we should not argue.
A friend of mine used to say that when you are under those feelings you should not quarrel with other family members. That incident may have no importance, you can tell yourself: now it is not the right moment to argue: that has no importance or very little, I will wait to be more serene to say something to my wife or my husband.
Later I will see that that was not important or very slightly. Believe me: that marriage will turn out fine. More likely than not.
Also you can apply that premise to your class of students: if you’re upset that is not the right time to reprimand a kid. / Photo from: land-away-double-flying-08101222 Virgin Experience Days. We must learn how to pilot our own plane: ourselves.


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