3386. We Teachers Are Building a Beautiful Building!

We teachers have to value and recognize our students’ effort and struggle. Also when assigning them their final grades.
We teachers have to put in their shoes. Well, we teachers may be tired and exhausted this far of the school year. Also they may be (likely) tired and exhausted.
So let’s value and recognize their work and effort this far of the school year. Even when addressing the whole class in the classroom we could be nice and kind and so value and recognize their effort.
We have to empathize with our students. Come on, there’s little left of the school year now! Let’s make the sprint of the race and set the last bricks stones of the beautiful building of the school year! Let’s explain this to them, with further nice words.
For us teachers this is one more year and for our young students that is a paramount year in their growing up! We are educating people, we have human beings in our hands! Their education is up to us, though primarily and mainly in their parents’ hands, right? Have a nice day! / Photo from: Chicago Chihuahua Noticias


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