3389. I Know What Is Good for My Students!

So yesterday I wrote to you something about determining some goals for our classes (I mean groups).
Summarizing and insisting on purpose: When thinking of goals they should be few, and they should serve the purpose of helping me, who is the one that will refer back to those goals after having applied them and while applying them.
It is not something just for the principal to learn, but they have to be useful to me!
Intuition, after this school year: I do know what is good for my classes (groups).
Plus I will NOT dedicate too much time to determining those goals, just the necessary one. Those goals must be practical!!
I have just transcribed some notes about those meaningful, significant, and helpful goals. I hope this article be any useful to you, committed teachers and all others that drop by my blog! Sorry for my mistakes and errors while writing in English! / Photo from: passarello_la_crecida_del_rio_sena_paris_francia_el_24_de_enero_de_2018


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