3380. On How to Become an Enthused Teacher

If the teacher teaches from what he has inside, he will likely have success. And his students will likely learn a lot.
He will teach in an easy way what maybe needed a big effort to learn himself. I mean, he will make things easy although he may have invested a big effort and a long time to learn himself.
On the other hand, if a teacher tries to teach what he does not have yet, he will likely fail.
The teacher must be an expert at what he teaches and also he must be an expert at teaching that. Because of that the teacher should dedicate time at learning about what he has to teach plus at learning how to teach and how to manage the classroom – experience will teach him all that also.
Even I would say that the teacher should like what he teaches. Otherwise he might not teach well. On the contrary if he likes the matter he teaches, he will pass on and transmit that enthusiasm to his students.
As well the teacher must know that the more he knows about the subject he has to teach the more he will like it.
Are we enthused teachers?
Well, he might not like that subject very much but if he dedicates a lot of time to that subject he will like it more and more. / Photo from: estudiar-ingles-en-londres Papora com. I have met people that by learning about their subject they got interested in that issue.


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