3385. How to Assess and Evaluate Your Work

Experience counts for quite a lot.
Also if you try to do your best as a teacher you have a lot won.
Also if you try to behave and conduct the best you can, you have a lot already won.
Also if you try to be the best citizen you can, you have a lot won.
Also if you try to be honorable, you have a lot already done. Because teaching is educating people, educating them to be honorable citizens, right?
And experience is already quite a lot. When you have experience you can dominate teaching quite well, and then teaching is like an art. Also teaching is art from the beginnings.
It has a lot of a humane activity. It is art, a fine art, in some way.
Now that we may be about to finish the school year we can make some self-examination: what did I do well? What did I do wrong? What can I do better? And draw some nice serene conclusions. Have a nice week!
/ Photo from: ayuntamiento-herrera-del-duque-6945637 Ayuntamientos de España. Now in the north hemisphere we are not at a snow season, but I wanted to post that pic because that is a place where I spent my childhood: it is a village west of Spain, with very beautiful landscapes.


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