3381. Our Job as Teachers Is Great!

The lesson in the classroom is the teacher’s palestra or arena, in a positive way I mean.
It is then when we have to fulfill our teaching goals and also educate our students. Fulfilling our teaching goals and educating our students are interwoven and bound.
We want to fulfill some teaching goals but at the same time we pursue to educate our students as honorable citizens. And all that takes place as a single objective: teaching and educating.
Even more, we can ultimately consider them, our students, as children of God. And we can count on God’s grace and help to achieve the nice goal of educating our students as His children.
We may have planned the lesson but we have to make good use of time and of opportunities in the classroom: it’s then when we have to achieve those teaching goals plus educate our students!
As well we have to win and defeat our possible laziness: it is then when we have to apply what we may have learned from great experts at teaching! And that’s in the classroom, from well-thought and well-outfitted lesson plans.
Fulfilling our teaching goals and educating our students are the two sides of the same coin.
Some more specific ideas? We may try to teach our students to study and research, to write essays and make diagrams with the lessons contents. / Photo from: aviation_history Go Flight Medicine. Some lesson contents may be technology history.


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