3383. On Classroom Management...

Good rapport between the teacher and the students.
You may feel you must be a bit kind of a sergeant with your students, but… I’d say to you to be prudent.
In order to achieve to be human and demanding at the same time you need to put in your, in our students’ shoes.
Affection and prudence are vital. We need to be delicate and affective but at the same time we should not be our students’ buddy. Ours must be love of benevolence: we seek what’s good for our students, and so we are prudent when treating our students.
And how to manage the classroom?
Well, you know, I could say too many things but some point is: Let’s be serious with our students and not lenient at all.
If we respect our students we will more likely be respected. And that’s it. If we are serious and formal at our job, we will transmit and pass on seriousness and commitment at working in the classroom. It’s my own experience. Have a nice day my colleagues!
/ Photo from: list_autumn Hiroshima. Fernando, why did you set a fall picture now? Well, some of my visitors are from the south earth hemisphere and there they are in autumn… (although the pic is from Japan).


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