3388. How to Be A Practical Teacher!

We are about to finish this school year or we have already finished or anyway we will finish soon. We can behold the school year. We can draw conclusions. We can handle intuition. Intuition about what our classes (groups) need. Is this so?
As I’ve already said we should have goals for our classes (groups). Quick-view goals. Goals we can apply at once. Goals that our classes (groups) need.
We should have those goals in mind.
What I need for that class (group) is this or that. Just one thing. Or two at the utmost. We should draw goals for our classes (groups).
Those goals will determine my lesson plans.
They should be few and brief. They should be practical. Easy to deduce and apply. Few ones. They should help me, plus I do not draw those goals just because my principal demands so. They are for me and my classes (groups).
Of course I will let my boss learn about them if necessary but they will help me first of all. And they refer to mid-term periods. Or some weeks. Just so. I will carry on by telling you about this point. Have a nice day! / Photo from: EL Búho Roma


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