3390. Classroom Management and Affection

Classroom management? How to deal with discipline? I can tell you what I would do now.
I would enter the classroom, with a serious look.
I would treat those marvelous kids with respect and in a serious mode. If I respect them… more likely they will respect me.
However they could put me to the test.
Something pretty important is getting them engaged and roped with the class conducting. And while they’re starting to do the activity I’d try to get them into the activity, in a serious way.
Also because I’m fulfilling my professional work, and I don't play with that. I would allow little, or nothing, but without investing too much attention at discipline itself.
It’s a mixture of seriousness and delicacy and getting them immersed into the series of activities.
Well, all this is what comes to my mind right now and which is based on experience. I’ve already written quite a lot on classroom management and discipline on this blog.
Gravity! That’s the word: I would try those nice kids would feel some gravity at my look and appearance. Gravity, sternness, seriousness. Have a nice weekend, my fellows! See you soon! / Photo from: london-eye-1400x520 NHS England


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