Tuesday, June 26, 2018

3402. Some Hint about Happiness at School

I told you on the previous post that we teachers must have fortitude. Also that we have to set an example in the classroom and in all other places where our teaching develops in the school. 

We teachers must have a fortress quality. Or fortitude. We must be strong: for example when presenting our students about a new school year we should have previously thought of the goals for that school year. 

Those goals should have been thought of with realism. Also with our students in mind. Also with optimism. Human persons can carry out nice learning. 

We will have to stop aside our daily teaching to think and project those nice goals. 

Otherwise we will not be able to push our students upward. Also we will say to our students how we expect from them to push themselves upward. 

Now maybe at the summer break and before the school year or when teaching at the summer break too (!) should have to stop to think of nice goals: realistic, mature, positive, specific… and somewhat dreaming that our students can reach high. Otherwise we won’t reach far. 

I told you that we have to be honorable people at school: also out of the school: all influences upon our students and we have to be happy – honest, honorable, and great people may be the ones that are happy. More likely than not. Also we may lean on God our Father. 

By doing all this we love our students with benevolence love: we seek what is good for them! / Photo from: YouTube

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