Friday, June 22, 2018

3400. Educating Our Students' Feelings

Obviously we teachers have to educate our students’ intelligence. And we may be working on it. Okay then, also we have to educate their feelings and sentiments, their affectivity. 

First premise: it is their parents who have firstly to educate those feelings of theirs. And we teachers help at that education. Our mission is subsidiary. We help their families. 

Can our intelligence govern our feelings and sentiments? It can, in some way. 

We can strive to have for example positive thoughts, positive resolutions to carry out our duties. And if we thus struggle to have positive and rational thoughts, in that way we can make positive and rational feelings arise inside us. 

If we try to have positive and rational thoughts, our feelings can go toward a positive and optimistic side. / Photo from: chess-smarter Examined existence

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