3396. Learning a Language Through Literature

Reading novels or non-fiction is okay to refresh English – or any other language – through the summer.
I do it myself – plus other classes and other stuff I carry out at the summer break.
At present I’m reading English literature. And I like it. Even I love it I’d say. Do I use the dictionary? I do but rather seldom. Seldom because I try and understand new words from the context, and it works!
So I don’t stop often to look up some word in the dictionary. I figure out meanings from the context, as I said. And other words are left not understood. But anyway I quite understand the novel.
It’s okay. And it is a good way to learn English: you not only learn words but other ways to convey some meaning: idioms, circumlocutions, etc.
I tell you something: you have to find your own unique pathway to learn and acquire a language. Acquire I said. Yes because acquiring a language means that you’re learning though you are not aware.
Also my students keep learning English along the summer. Something to finish this post: by reading you encounter the texture of English also, or any other language you’re embarked in learning and acquiring. Have a nice week! / Photo from: Le Canard Enchaine


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