3391. Free Students!

We teachers have to educate our dear students in freedom. Only then can we educate them truly, genuinely and actually. And also we have to educate them with the corresponding responsibility.
Freedom and responsibility. Two siblings they are.
Obviously I have to set some rules and there must be discipline, sheer ones by the way. And thorough ones too.
The student has to do things because he wants to. Because he wishes to. Not because I’m going to be punished in case I don’t fulfill that rule. I want to be educated, and so I follow and even obey what I’m told by the teacher: what a responsibility we teachers have! We are going to be followed by our students – tentatively.
We have to see persons in our students. Free ones. Persons who can love, because they are free. And they are free because they love.
I’m referring mainly to benevolence love: I want what is good for the other person.
Thus we teachers have to have ample lenses when entering the classroom: I’m educating people, persons, individual persons.
We may feel our students do not understand our principles or what we tell them but ultimately they absorb the way we educate them. I mean nothing is lost in education: the seeds we sow will yield fruit, sooner or later, most of the times, and in case we love our students with authentic love of benevolence: we seek what is good for them. Have a nice weekend, fellow teachers. / Photo from: Singapore-940x627 Estonian World


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