3393. The Affection We Owe to Our Students

When correcting and reprimanding a student we should be delicate and considerate.
Better we will do it aside, out of the classroom, not in public, and considering him as a person; what is more as a valuable person, who deserves all my attention and affection; remember that we would love our students with benevolence love: seeking what’s good for them because they’re human persons.
They deserve all my respect.
When acting this way we should leave an exit to the kid or the adult: he or she will be able to defend him or herself. In other words: we should count on his or her own desire to improve as a student and as a person.
Also we should respect his or her freedom plus responsibility, as we considered on the previous post.
We will never humiliate that person; otherwise our correction will be kind and nice, firm though, plus with a serene and serious look and voice.
As well we have to consider that that person will be an adult some day, not far anyway because time flies! / Photo from: student-writing-smart-board Gynzy


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