Saturday, June 30, 2018

3404. Helping the Class with Sense of Humor

Communication. That’s the goal. That’s the main objective for our lessons. 

We second or foreign language teachers and teachers in general have to direct our classes to set nice communication among us the teacher and the students. 

Thus we will not use the students’ language too much: we will tend to use the target tongue massively, turning to that mother language when it is indispensable, because there might big problems at using the target language. 

Okay, well, but what if our students use that mother language in the classroom? 

We will push them to use the target tongue. 

For example we may foster the communication in English – the goal tongue – because we make up and create some need of using that language in the classroom. 

I’ve seen it: when we teachers speak in English we’re creating a nice atmosphere where English is simply necessary. It is as if the classroom was a place from a country where English is the language commonly used. 

If the teacher, while somehow smiling, fosters the use of English because he speaks in English he is nicely pushing his students to use that tongue. He’s motivating his students to speak in English! Have a nice weekend! / Photo from: Automotive News

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