Thursday, June 28, 2018

3403. How to Be Good Teachers: Some Hint

According to prestigious Spanish psychiatrist Enrique Rojas the teacher teaches knowledge and promotes some attitudes from the learner as well. 

It is more than merely communicating knowledge or informing about some issue. 

The teacher is someone great, as you readers. You’re mostly committed teachers. And that honors you. A lot. 

On the other hand the wise person is the one that also offers some model and some way of living. He is not merely an erudite person. He’s much more than that. He gives and sets an example. 

He’s attractive, more concerning the way he lives, which sets an example, definitely. He gives a nice example that people tend to imitate and emulate. He lives virtues. 

You know that when I say “he” I also refer to her, to women, of course. Have a nice day! Oh, and let’s try to be good teachers, and wise people alike, a little bit at least from the latter one: that comprises living virtues and being nice persons. / Photo from: Driving-in-NYC hotel41nyc com

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