3394. Our Job as Teachers Is Great! Simply!

Studying, reading, researching. All those things are necessary for the teacher. Tentatively.
He has to study – books on teaching and education, websites, forums – to improve as a teacher and as a person.
Otherwise it is more difficult: he might not be capable to teach and educate other people. Tentatively.
You can tell me you’re hectic and busy… which is true! Anyway we teachers have to dedicate some daily minutes at least to reading, studying.
We cannot give what we do not have. No one can give what he does not have, right? Or at least it is quite difficult.
You can tell me you plan your lessons, which is fantastic! Same way we have to read from other teachers. Two heads can think further than a single one.
And researching I told you too. I think the teacher has to stop to assess his own teaching. How is it going? Why do I have no time to approach that students’ problem? Why I don’t find time to improve myself? What must I do to become strong again after the summer break?
So researching also refers to all that has to do with assessing our actual teaching: we have to stop to analyze how our teaching is going, and how our dear students are going. / Photo from: brady-stock-signs


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