Monday, June 25, 2018

3401. Educating Our Students Is Great

The teacher has to set an example. He has to. He must have fortitude. He works with a sensitive public, his students. What a responsibility. A nice one anyway. And very positive, moreover. 

I know that most of you like your job as teachers. 

We have to set an example, whatever we do in the classroom, out of it and everywhere else. Even what we do in our private life influences upon our students. 

All this is beautiful. And beauty teaches and educates. It does. 

We are not alone. We can count – tentatively – on our directors and our colleagues. For example on veteran colleagues. Tentatively. Also we can count on the transcendent: God, our Father. 

In order to set an example and to educate our students we have to improve and better our work and ourselves each and every day. All this is quite educative. 

I know that most of you are committed teachers and that is simply great. Have a nice week you all! / Photo from: driving-in-ireland-car-on-an-irish-road-at-beara ireland-now com

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