3398. What a Peaceful Climax in Our Classroom!

So as I was telling you all, and in order to set a nice and serious classroom climax of serious work, we have to make our students think plus they should see we’re serious regarding our professional work. 

I can tell you I have some reputation of being serious, rather serious, and that helps with creating a nice and serious atmosphere of serious work in the classroom. 

And the other point was making our students think. Think of what? We could talk with them, with somewhat the frequency of TV ads or the like or less maybe, about being serious in the classroom. 

It is my work and it is their work the ones we’re implementing in the classroom. And that’s quite serious, you know? We can’t play with that. 

Let’s make them think. Because if we get our students think, they will likely become serious with their work. Also because the best classroom discipline is self-discipline: I set to work because I wish to do that, because it’s my work as a student. It is what is expected from me. And I want to learn! / Photo from: Wallpaper Cave. What a peaceful scenery!


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