802. Communication with parents at the school

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “You have the first tutorial with those parents today? So, I guess they two don’t know you and you don’t know them. All right.

I’d tell you the main thing for today’s tutorial should be they would feel nice with you, and you with them. Smile. You told me you teach the son of theirs that shows serious problems at studying and learning in the class. You know, try to enjoy the tutorial. Break the ice. Be honest, sincere, direct with them though in a polite and delicate way. Be yourself, in any case.

Don’t attend the meeting though you feel scared and anxious. All in all don’t worry if you actually are so at that moment – so what? A moment will arrive during the conversation when you will connect with each other. Talk with true affection about the kid despite you’ve got to say negative things. Be positive. Suggest positive things for the kid to improve.

Oh, and listen, listen to them. Parents wish the teacher should listen, with true and effective attention. Last thing: try both dad and mom could attend the tutorial.” / Photo from: johnschooltenkasi org. parent and teacher meeting st johns matriculation school. Taminaldu. india


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