Wednesday, March 14, 2012

809. Everybody's daily work can push society upward

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “I’m telling you an interesting story that can help us, you and me, to consider the big labor we’ve got at school plus our students’ power. I hope it be any useful. One kid of 16 thought this way, more or less. With his tutor’s help.

I have a compromise – that’s the word! - in connection with my studies. I have to study in an effective way. I cannot lose my time. I can actually help out to improve society, my country, Europe, the western world, all the world, south-eastern Asia – which is a place where a big number of people live... So I must fulfill my duty as a student. If I study, most likely will get good grades and learn useful things for me and for others. Solving many problems of today western society just depends on me; plus on this other person, that other one, those people over there: if each person fulfills their duties, by carrying out their work well, as a result we’ll have a better society. Quite a big deal depends on me, like I said (on others too, for granted). Many people every day go to to their work places to actually work. I cannot be one more burden for my country – yet all the other way round: I’m an engine, a small one but necessary, to move society forward.

And then immediately he planned his work for that evening.” / Photo from: diaryofacountrywife wordpress com. mailcarrier

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