Saturday, March 17, 2012

811. Adult learners' pronunciation of English

Three days ago I received a comment from German English translator,
which is the following text. The comment was about post # 778
. Learning a language and having fun

“This suggests that the likelihood that we will achieve close to native-like pronunciation if we take up a language after childhood, varies from person to person, no matter how hard we try.”
Let me think. I would tell you, inasmuch as I know, that after childhood someone can learn or acquire a close-to a native pronunciation actually depending on that person, yet he or she has to invest a big (and nice) effort to pronounce as a native speaker. Something of this acquired pronunciation is gotten from massive exposure to listening to English – like something you’re not aware. H. D. Brown, moreover, wrote that you can imitate a native speaker, and as with the time passing you can reach far in the pronunciation of a language.
Some people have more aptitude to grab pronunciation and express it than other people, but anyway any person can train himself and reach far in this matter.
So as to finish, it’s something to be recommended that the learner listen too much, talk with native speakers, if available spend long in an English-speaking country... Now I can remember the case of a friend of mine, when about 20 years old, went to the States and he’s currently living there – about 25 years ago. I heard fromfriends of his that his pronunciation is very very similar to a native speaker, with some slight stroke.
Thank you, German English translator. / Photo from: accentworkshop com
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