Tuesday, March 6, 2012

805. Can you hear and listen?

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “A class of students isn’t a mass, but roughly speaking I might say there is a majority of average students – each student is unique however – then a few that have serious cognitive problems, poor communicative strategies, metacognitive and work planning problems... Ok, this is the way they are. And as well we have the high-achievers, well.

I like teaching. And in the class I try (and should try) to do my best, as many of you busy teachers. It’s not simple to combine those ‘three’ general circumstances. I love teaching and this is something that counts much in favor. The students respond to this affection and interest, within a short period - this is my experience.

For example, imagine I've been molding an exercise in the textbook to a boy that doesn’t know what to do – consequently he responds much better and more efficiently than if I treat him hard; being tactful is complementary with firmness. I learned this specific way of helping through molding an activity from great Mrs. M.J.A, teacher trainer.

For the next class, on the other hand, I’ll plan for high-achievers to give more chance for speaking for longer: they’re eager to speak, and alike express their thoughts.

The worst thing is they would feel bored and the stuff we carry out in the
class would be too giveaway-like. And I’ll ask the rest of the class to listen to them, though they can understand a lot or only one word. Afterward I’ll ask them to retrieve what they grasped. If nothing yet, we’ll try again tomorrow.” / Photo from: listening. ecologyofeducaton net

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