Saturday, March 3, 2012

803. My students love Pixar animation movies

Today I wanted to write something about the animation movies of Pixar. I love most of them, like my younger students too. It’s awesome how these guys give life to a lamp, to the characters of the sequels of Toy Story, better and better.

Those characters do have sentiments, human body movements, ways to react, love. You may know that the leaping lamp that appears at the beginning of the presentation of the films is a ‘descendant’ character from a fomer movie. I quoted some words about this latter one, from . The photo is also from that site.

Luxo Jr. is the first of the Pixar shorts as Pixar Animation Studios. John Lasseter was sitting at his desk when he got the idea of animating a non-living object, bringing it to life, expressing human emotions and giving it character. A Luxo lamp became the model for Lasseter's experiments, along with the fascination of the proportions of a baby's body. He wondered how a baby Luxo lamp would look and behave.

The story is all emotion driven - how can you make two lamps into a parent and child relationship? The shot was simple - no background and only one location.

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