Sunday, March 25, 2012

816. The school is getting cleaner and cleaner

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “As you know we teachers in our school try to pass on values, a nice living together at the school, joy, how to study... Last week a teacher told me something I think it’s important, and so I wanted to tell you about: the school bathrooms.

We teachers try the students should treat us and their classmates with respect and politeness, all in a kind and nice conducting at the school. As well the students have also to learn to recognize the lady cleaners’ work too. They are real people, and just not ‘someone’ over there I don’t care at all.

One day I decided to take a few students that had just left a bathroom. I called and talked with them a bit about using the facilities and the school places in a proper way, you know, by means of questions and answers. Then I asked them please to go back with me to the bathroom. I told them that if there were pieces of clean tissue on the floor, the ladies would have to collect them, so it would be more but not necessary work. A dropping faucet should be closed, etc.

I think, from their look, they understood the idea. A clean place, any clean place at the school cooperates to better live together the school hours – not few! - and even to acquire good mental habits.” / Photo from: compradiccion com. señora limpiando

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