806. Importance of arriving at the right time

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Arriving at school on time is something I’ve always had to face. I’m referring to my students. And it’s an interesting point for inciding and educating kids. If you struggle in this point, you’re also educating in other values, like hardworking, work planning, respecting others...

Last year I took a student right after the class to talk to - he used to arrive late. I thought I had for too long told him he was tardy. Things shouldn’t go the same for any longer, definitely.

We started to talk about what was going on with him to arrive late - in a calm and helping tone, but bringing out his responsibility. The problem was similar to what I had suspected: some laziness, not using his wristwatch, not leaving home at the right time.

I noticed that if you make a student think of the reasons to do things right, you can educate him or her for a deeper and more responsible conducting. Adolescents often expect some reason why to do things right. Thus he or she will take resolutions, hopefully, and will try to put them into practice.” / Photo from: mechanic. guidewhois com


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