818. Respecting others' work again

On March 26 Eugenio O. sent me the following comment. As well it appears if you click on Comments of post #816. As I said short ago I also publish comments on clearer full extension on a new post, like the present one, because the tag or label I selected for comments about new posts is rather small and so they could pass unnoticed. I just read it again and I have nothing to say about it, Eugenio O. Thank you!

Of course I always moderate any new comment. Now, these days, there are some new comments I’ve got to moderate. / Photo from: cosasdeperro com. veterinaria

A very good entry, Fernando. It is a matter of respect, good breeding and concern for others' work. Maybe if kids learn to behave at school, then they will at home. Cheers!

By Eugenio M. Olivares-Merino on 816. The school is getting cleaner and cleaner on 3/26/12


Muchas gracias a ti, Fernando, y un abrazo.

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