Saturday, March 10, 2012

807. My kids, reading? Love it!

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “An activity you can implement in your classes of English is related to reading; shortly speaking, look. Can be great.

If you’ve got, say, five days of classes of English per week (would be ideal!), you could dedicate one class entirely to reading, either an abridged simplified reader or an original-version novel. Each student brings to class their copy that reading day. All of you read for some minutes, aloud. You teacher assign who has got to continue, randomly, and you yourself read too.

At the end of the class - or as homework for the next week - a few students give a summary of the text read that day. Like you can see, this activity includes speaking - it’s an intermediate or advanced-level activity. Otherwise, as homework, the next day devoted to reading, a few students will briefly say a summary, by speaking, about the part of the book covered the previous reading day, with the aid of some brief notes scribbled, or neatly written, as they prefer.

They can talk about the plot and the characters, or about the students’ own emotions, feelings, something about the ethics of the characters, or some personal views about those characters, if they identify with someone specific of the story. Even you can ‘stir up’ some nice debates.” / Photo from: sofasandsectionals com. teen reading in library

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