819. As fresh as singing in the rain

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “I’ve recommended you to plan each class: maybe one or two goals, some activities to implement during the class, combining listening with speaking, etc. However don’t plan too many things: with your experience you’re getting capable to plan the class and some useful activities in not much time – you know what your students need, what they enjoy, what you can demand from them, etc.

Now I tell you not to plan one class, next class, for example. Don’t be afraid. You, maybe somehow inadvertedly or unaware, know what fits in that class, and you have your real students in your mind – you do know them. Sometimes you’ll see that that class turned out well, even better than some very much outfitted and planned classes.

As well you’ll feel better, and likely your students also will feel good, for they’ll see you manage and conduct the class without any planning notes. Alike the students will see you’re so committed with their learning. This is so I think because then you’re focusing in how to teach and how they’re learning in a fresh way. Be audacious.” / Photo from: trihartenterprises com. Gene Kelly 1952 Singing in the Rain


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