Thursday, March 22, 2012

814. More about colleagues' working in the same direction

I recently received three comments. Their contents are below. As well those comments are attached to the posts they refer to. Thank you, german english translator and asnhuman, and Private Schools Victoria. I copied and pasted the comments because the tag for comments beneath my posts is rather small-sized, so this way you can read them right below more easily; anyway, like I said you can also see them by clicking on Comments – for those specific posts: # 811, 792, 804. / Photo from: allatsea net. South Grenada Regatta 2011

Various learning methodology applied for grasping pronunciation at a particular age. german english translator

By anshuman on 811. Adult learners' pronunciation of English on 3/21/12

Really you given some solid advice here.This is very nice one and gives indepth information

By Private Schools Victoria on 792. English as a bridge of communication on 3/21/12

Thank you for this very useful information. I find it very interesting post...

By Private Schools Victoria on 804. I wish to learn if my working is going ok on 3/21/12

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