Friday, July 1, 2016

2927. Should I Love My Students?

When there’s affection from the teacher toward his students, these ones obey their teacher.
A moral authority is created.
The teacher is really concerned about his students and they feel so. He doesn’t confine his labor to fulfill his schedule and strict duties, and that’s it – he doesn’t forget about his students when out of school, and for instance he prays for this student with this problem and that other student with his other problems, and this more student, who has changed his mind and is working hard now!
This in no way means for example this teacher cannot enjoy his family life, no way!
The teacher is interested about the students’ problems and issues. This affection means love of benevolence, this is, to wish what’s good or even what’s better for his students.
This affection doesn’t mean a too close intimacy – well, the male teacher could follow affection, but toward his male students.
He will be careful not to show and reach intimacy toward his female students, but indeed he’ll be interested about them. He’ll be concerned about girls, but will conduct with certain elegant distance and delicate aloofness. I guess you all understand what I mean.
As I said on a previous post, the teacher will be careful so as to avoid any dirty comment about his relationship with the class girls.
When there’s affection, thus our students will obey, sooner or later but they’ll do so.
Some more point: in this way I’ve showed you, the teacher shall create a nice respect and prestige and moral authority. It’s not a tale: I’ve seen it in several teachers’ cases I could enumerate! / Photo from: careerpedia ng. I tried to show a labor where the workers look and show up concerned and committed!
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