Friday, July 22, 2016

2936. Do Not Shout at Your Students

These days of the English summer course I’m finding out once again that if you treat your students with politesse and fineness and delicateness, while at the same time you exact and demand from them, you’ll need less effort to achieve whatever you wish regarding their behavior and level of working. 

The point is extremely treating our students with a fine respect, so we create and make up a nice atmosphere of delicateness – with nothing odd or strange, we aren’t at 18th century Versailles!, and all this I’m writing about implies manliness – and hence we get more from our dear students: an atmosphere where it’s simpler to demand from them a fine working and learning. 

Thus if you shout at someone, amid this nice atmosphere, the result is much more than if we always are shouting at them. For them then a shout is something so serious... 

Otherwise if we’re all the time shouting at them, one more shout does little in order to push them up to work, and eventually we shall get more tired. 

I do know there are many students that are so disruptive…, and they won’t listen to us much, but if we treat those students with real love of benevolence and affection, and each one of them as a unique and respected person, we for sure will get more over time! Give it a long try and see to it, and let me know about your results! / Photo from: airbus a380 615 passengers. The picture again is just a nice illustration
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