Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2941. How to Address A Mass of Students

Love makes all new. 

The person who loves invents love every single day. 

Love makes the teacher to feel as young over time and in spite he’s getting old: he keeps having a young spirit and attitude! 

Love makes the teacher see things as new all the time. He gets interested on all the other person’s things, as if they were of his own! 

He sees every student as unique, and the student’s things are seen as of his own. He gets interested on anything of the other person. Because of that the teacher treats each and every student as unique. 

When addressing a class of students, each one reckons and feels as if he was the one the teacher is addressing! I’ve seen this, actually. 

Okay, someone could say, but all that is very difficult to attain… I would tell you the main point is to love. The good teacher is the one that loves his students, his colleagues, his students’ families, his job, his labor, his everyday teaching. 

Some of these ideas have been taken from Spanish psychiatrist Juan Bautista Torelló and from teacher and teacher of teachers Tomás Alvira, plus ideas I’ve collected from readings, classroom experiences and from other teachers. / Photo from: cantabria www areavan. The picture is just an illustration
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