Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2934. Teens' Problems

The first day of the English course I’m helping out for I was thinking about some announcements for the boys, a couple of days ago. 

I was doing that in order to arrange things for the first class day, on the following day. 

I was thinking of things to tell them but pretty soon, when I saw the group of boys together, at a large school hall, more or less ready to listen to us monitors, I soon understood the main point for me was to help those kids concerning their typical adolescence problems and stuff. 

In other words I had to firstly love them with love of benevolence, which is to wish the best for them and their education as persons. 

Something practical and pragmatic so would be looking at them whilst speaking, gazing at them, sweeping around the small crowd – albeit it was a small crowd I had clear ideas about educating each one of them! 

They did need to feel supported at the typical problems of adolescence, and that was the main point, yes sir!

On coming days I will tell you more about all this.
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