Saturday, July 2, 2016

2928. I'm Glad to Have Chosen English...!

I think I could help someone by just telling how I learn and acquire English, which is my target language, and which entails a life-long learning.
Constancy is just paramount, plus perseverance, to face up with problems at learning and acquiring English.
Practice is also pretty important, otherwise I would not use the language properly. It’s so and I commit many mistakes and errors yet! But let’s persevere: each word I learn is one step forward! Buildings and edifices are constructed and built brick by brick, word by word.
Effort is also important: what’s important, it implies effort; no language is learned and acquired without effort.
Endurance as well is necessary, for learning a language is hard sometimes, but if you persevere, you shall progress, no doubt.
Motivation: it’s necessary for learning, but also it is a consequence and result of that learning. I’ve sometimes thought of learning a different language too, but I’ve changed my mind and devoted that precious time exclusively to English.
And take advantage of any occasion and chance to practice – in my case I use American English for the blog and when speaking; however the material and texts I hand out to my students are in British English. To be honest, American English is kinda demonized in Spain sometimes, but I cannot stop speaking in American English, and as I said I use British English for example for the worksheets I compose for my dearest students.
I’m glad, just glad of having chosen English as my target tongue.
Before college I had thought of studying the degree of History and Archaeology, but my dad just suggested to me to study the degree of Philology of the English language… and I’ve never regretted to have chosen English: I’ve earned my life and my family’s thanks to English: English language teachers are always needed, whereas with History I had only worked as a History teacher, which labor is much less demanded! /
Photo from: alhambra granada www turgranada es. Alhambra palace is in Granada, south of Spain, where I live – you should come and visit Granada: you will not regret so!
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