Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2932. Our Dear Students Become Responsible!

We teachers cannot reach all we would like to, at our classroom!
Because of that, also for looking after the classroom and the school, and for making our dear students become more responsible about their environment, we could assign them with small jobs.
For example: turning off lights after the class day, erasing the chalkboard, aligning desks neat, picking up pieces of paper from the floor, going to other school places to fetch something or announce another teacher about some point, taking care of the noticeboard, watering the plants, tidying the classroom, getting enough chalk for the chalkboard, etc.
Experience tells me our students like those small jobs, and they feel like important.
In that way we look after the classroom and make our students responsible, like I said.
Even we could tell them in that way they think of others in order to help and serve them, we’re helping them become matured, and even they can offer those small jobs to God.
All that with a small job list on the noticeboard! We can keep that list of small jobs for all the school year or change it every term or whatever experience tells you how to conduct, counting also on our dear students’ opinion – which makes them more mature and mentally balanced!
Tell them all that is their business: they're free and responsible! / Photo from: cantabria-picos de Europa. Those mountains are in the north of Spain, and the picture is just a nice illustration
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