Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2931. Parents, Parents, Parents

I wanted to write about parents and families’ role at school, but I’m so hectic that I don’t know if I’ll be able to construct something meaningful.
The point is that parents have a lot to do at the school, firstly because they’re the main educators of their children and not us teachers. Parents don’t delegate their children’s education in us teachers but like I said they’re the main and fundamental educators – otherwise we will get nothing valuable.
I hope you can follow this discourse of mine today.
I by no means intend to say they will plan the syllabus and school program but they (parents) should attend school meetings for them and should meet their children’s teachers, chiefly their tutor teacher- do you understand me, fellas?
Oh, right now I remembered something practical: parents could run talks to our students: they’re cops, solicitors, doctors, farmers, and a pretty long etcetera.
As well old students or alumni of our school of course could take their children to our school – parents and families should be free to choose the school they feel like theirs.
As well we could organize the Holy Mass so as to pray for the departed of our school – teachers, parents, even students… / Photo from: vue_generale_arriere www cir-couvrelles fr. The picture once again is just kind of an illustration
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