Sunday, July 24, 2016

2938. What A Responsibility We Teachers Have!

At the English language camp I’m working at these days I think something that helps our students learn English and receive education is that we share many things: we monitors share the line at the cafeteria self-service at lunch with the boys, for example. 

In that way we can reach to help them more than if we were apart. 

Also we can get a nice rapport with them, and be able to help them at some more aspects of their lives. As well we can share their learning process, at English and in general concerning other aspects of their lives. 

I’ve got to say something else: we do learn from the students, or at least I can say that! I learn from their effort at learning and acquiring English, and their learning to talk in public, work in a work-group, and other daily professional competences we also implement here. 

Alike the kids learn from us monitors. Whatever we do or whatever we don’t helps either educate them or get them ill-mannered and what is worse, we might give them a wrong vision of life, work, love and other attitudes. 

For instance the way we see work is passed on to the kids! If we complained about work all the time we would pass on a wrong and awful vision of work. Our conversations also help them good or bad, just our daily conversations amongst us! / Photo from: boeing 747 wallpapercave com. the picture is just an illustration but it shows a big professionality
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