2929. We May Be Messengers of God!

I was just thinking that my former students, when I taught them a nice number of years ago, today are married and with children to raise.
We teachers have to work with our heart in our hands. What a responsibility! What we do today with our dear students, what we sow today, it shall be their future tomorrow, so to say, in a few years, because time flies.
We have to work with our heart in our hands, and that entails and demands to seriously work, plan classes with our dear students in mind, look and grade their tests, etc.
And now in summer vacations, by thinking and praying for them, and prone to diligently carry out our nice and beautiful labor when back to school in fall.
Whatever we do influences on our students, and whatever we fail to do also influences on them too! We teachers have to shed light to our students, by thinking in their future and in what God may want for them to become – God himself can use us as secondary causes for discovering their bright and brilliant future.
Before typing this post I was having a peek at my email: a friend of mine asks me for lights from God to discover his mission on earth! / Photo from: www huffingtonpost com


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