Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2940. Demanding Big from Our Dear Students!

I guess it’s right to address our students like they were grown-up’s. 

In some way. I mean, you know, the point is to trust them and load them with their responsibility at learning and acquiring English. Explicitly and in plain English we could explain all this to them. 

Moreover because they shall be adults or young men in a few years! In Granada I’ve encountered old students I had had in an English language course like the one I’m assisting now. 

And they keep either a positive or a negative vision of us as teachers and monitors! But the main point is to think of them with a generous hear from us. The chief point is to really try to help them now and for their entire lives. 

We have, I guess, to demand a lot and big from them, but in a nice way, trying to get the best stuff from them. They can give a lot. The point too is guessing how to extract the best from them, and we shall make it if we hit the target upon the right point, if we learn how we can treat them. 

Maybe as grown-up’s or close. 

You understand what I mean? We have to appeal their responsibility, with the staff teachers we have, with the guys we can count on. / Photo from: coaching_educativo www marketingeducativo blz. The picture here is an illustration of what I mean: committed teachers for committed students
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